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What is Gelification?

Papaya agar agar noodles plate Gelification is defined as the process of turning a substance into a gelatinous form. With this process, liquid substances are converted into solids with the help of a gelling agent. Common gelling agents come from natural sources and include agar-agar, gelatin, Carageenan, gellan gum, pectin and methylcellulose. More often than not, these gelling agents are presented in a dry, solid form which needs to be hydrated.

All of these are hydrocolloids and react when dispersed in liquids. Gels resulting from this process may range from tough and hard to weak and soft. Gels are characterized by having a viscous property when heated and becoming solid or jelly like once cooled. Melting and cooling points for gelling agents may differ according to type.

Gelification has been around for years, and it has undergone a lot of changes in terms of use. In the modern kitchen the gelification technique has many different uses. It can serve to stabilize liquids without affecting taste. It may also be used for suspending food particles and creating various shapes for aesthetic purposes. Lastly, it can also be used to create various textures and improve dining experiences.

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