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Welcome to my modernist cooking forums. I know there is a large demand in the modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy communities for a place to get together and exchange ideas and expertise with other people passionate about modernist cooking. I've created these forums as a way to address that need.

I've broken our modernist cooking forums up into 3 different areas: Modernist Recipes, Modernist Techniques, and Modernist Equipment and Ingredients. Hopefully this will cover most of the ground but I am open to creating more forums as needed.

If you have any questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact me on Facebook or via email.

Modernist Recipes Forum

The modernist cooking forum for sharing and discussing recipes. Get all of your modernist recipe questions answered.
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519 Replies
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Modernist Techniques Forum

The forum dedicated to discussing and exploring modernist techniques.
193 Topics
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Modernist Ingredients and Equipment Forum

The forum focused around modernist equipment and molecular gastronomy ingredients.
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